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Wow. I can't believe I finally start writing on a blog/journal again...

Okay. My first-ever post here is going to be the story behind my madness over the one and only majestic creature on earth, Nagase Tomoya.

I used to give no f*** about Japanese-thingy. For real. My best friend since high school time often 'forced' me to listen to her fave Japanese songs and I always told her like "I have no interest at all for these things. What's so interesting of this weird music?" and luckily she never took my rude words seriously.

And I still had no interest on it, until August 2014. This month changed everything in my life (I guess).

So I was on the verge of breaking up with my BF that time. And then I started searching for something who can shift away my mind from my RL at that time. Since I have a particular thing (or my best friend say: fetish) over anything which involved a terminally ill man/boy fighting over their remaining time (and eventually dies), I googled to search for any movie/drama which features story like that.

Long short story, I found a thread recommend me to watch "Heaven's Door" movie as the main role is a terminally ill man. Despite my "meh"-ness over Japanese thingy, I decided to watch it anyway. AND IT BECOMES ONE OF MY BEST DECISION IN MY LIFE.

The first time I watched that movie, I only thought "this story is so heart-touching and not generic" as it has no romantic side at all, which I favor. The second time I started to think "wow, this main role man is so cool, unlike any other Japanese men". I decided to watch it again for the third time, and my impression was "man, he is handsome and his hotness kills me, and he can act!" And I watched that movie again and again and again. (Until now I guess I've already watched it for the 7th time).

Well, I guess that's how I started to fall head over heels for Nagase Tomoya.

(to be continued)


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